Candma Goes to Heaven

Why I wrote this book


Discussing death with a small child is hard and scary. I think that explaining death or a tragedy to a child is a difficult task for a parent. This was the motivation I had to write the first draft of the book after my mother-in-law’s death. The book is about a boy who faces the death of his beloved grandmother.

The main character in this story, Alex, was younger than my oldest son, but my goal was to show the love and friendship between a grandparent and a grandchild. As the years passed, and many revisions later, I decided that I wanted a book that discusses loss and memories. A book that helps children understand what has happened and how it is going to change their life. 

After years of teaching enrichment classes, some of my students have experienced the sudden, devastating loss of a loved one.  Each time students went through some type of personality shift. One of my students dumped sorted blocks on the table. I asked her “why did you dump the blocks?”.  She told me that her mother was dead and she missed her. I told her that I understood because my mother died and I missed her too. After that, the girl seemed more at peace and asked me questions about my mother. She was never upset in my class again.

This colorful book is about a grandmother who dies of cancer. It is about a family and their relationship and love they share. It is about a boy and the grandmother who loved him dearly. This book explains death to a child gently. Both parents talk to their child and discuss how they feel about their loss. The book shows how the family moves forward in life and their love for family and remembering their loved one who has passed on.

AuthorStory Interview

Check out this great interview that I had with Alex Lim of AuthorStory.

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